Conservation in Socio-Ecological Systems - CSES

Socio-Ecological Research

The Socio-Ecological Research (SER) sub-group, created in 2018, focuses on the study of social and ecological interactions in diverse settings from urban to agro-forestry systems (e.g., montado). The SER group aims to provide insight on the drivers and challenges of different socio-ecological systems by improving the existing knowledge to support conservation efforts and decision-making. Our research is based on interdisciplinary approaches, both on empirical studies and on the development of new conceptual frameworks to improve socio-ecological research. Participatory methods involving different stakeholders, such as participatory mapping or citizen science, are key in the several stages of our research (i.e., research definition, methodological approaches, and dissemination). The involvement with local municipalities in the support of decision-making and dissemination activities is also an important pillar of our activity, as well as, the active participation in the virtual UrbanLab | cE3c.            

The SER sub-group currently includes 5 PhDs, 2 PhD students and 2 research assistants, as well as master students. Since its creation members of the group have been working in national projects, mostly on biodiversity monitoring and environmental services assessments in different municipalities, and international projects, such as for instance GREEN SURGE (Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy) and the eLTER H2020 (Integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem & Socio-Ecological Research Infrastructure) projects, in the frame of which we collaborate with more than 20 international partners.

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