Message from the Coordinator

Welcome to the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c) of the University of Lisbon!

2015 was the starting point of a unique research centre focused on Ecology, Evolution and Environmental sciences (the 3Es of cE3c). Since then, cE3c has engaged in leading biological research, with particular focus on conservation and sustainability sciences.

cE3c is now a larger R&D unit, resulting from merging the Centre for Environmental Biology with the Azores Biodiversity Group and the Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling group.

As coordinator of cE3c since 2018, I envision our Research Centre as part of a vital national strategy to consolidate outstanding research and to invest in emerging research fields that will contribute to present and future’s challenges society’s demands, incorporating science into technical solutions and policies. For 2018-2022, we will ensure the continuity and consolidation of cE3c as a research centre of excellence on ecology, biodiversity, evolution, global changes, climate change, and ecosystem conservation, as well as a relevant contributor to the science-society interface. This consolidation phase requires a budget that increases funds allocation to human resources ensuring optimization of previous investments in equipment and infrastructures, as well as contributing to intensify cE3c’s international networking. While we are a large unit, with several labs and facilities at different locations, I am committed to reinforce the centre’s cohesion and an open, supportive environment for researchers and students. Indeed, the strong research training and diverse community outreach activities which have long been trademarks of cE3c, will continue unabated.

I am privileged to coordinate a research centre of such diversity and enthusiastic researchers, engaged in national and international scientific projects and networks, committed to a sustainable future and a better-informed society.

All together we will be able to build a bright and promising future!

Cristina Máguas