Advanced Courses 2021-2022

cE3c is organizing a new set of advanced courses to be held during 2021-2022.

Important note: most courses are intended to be presential, but if needed (e.g. due to COVID-19 security measures by the time of the course) they may be adapted to be given remotely.

These Courses are of high interest in the formation of students enrolling in the first year of  Doctoral Programmes at FCUL (e.g. Biology), Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (University of Lisbon and University of Porto),  Sustainability Science (University of Lisbon, several Institutions) and Biology and Ecology of Global Changes (University of Lisbon and University of Aveiro), for whom they are free (as long as they count credits for their PhD Programme). The Courses can also be attended by post-graduate students of other Doctoral Programmes or master students in Biology and related areas, and others with basic adequate formation (e.g. 1st cycle in Biology or related areas).

Details of each Course, including calendar, programme and inscription details are found by clicking the respective course name or photo.

For PhD students of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, or of PhD programmes shared with FCUL  (BIODIV, BEAG, Sustainability Science) enrolling in these courses as part of their first doctoral year, the courses can have a recognition of 1 ECT for each 6-6.5 presencial hours. In these cases, the delivery of  final report(s) is mandatory, to develop during the weeks following the course attendance, with details provided by the teacher(s).

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