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Raquel C. Mendes

Grant Researcher

Urban (and road) ecology Coastal ecosystems Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Conservation and Management Socio-ecological systems

Raquel C. Mendes is a master grant research holder within the project "Monitoring Studies of Floristic and Faunistic Communities and Environmental Services Assessment of Almada" (2016, 2018), with two main objectives: (1) to monitor and develop procedures to minimize the effects of fragmentation created by the road network, namely the roadkill impact on vertebrates; (2) to monitor the evolution of animal communities (vertebrates and invertebrates) of São João da Caparica's coastal dunes after the implementation of the program "ReDuna – Recovery and Ecological Restoration of the S. João da Caparica Sand Dune System”, managed by the Municipality of Almada. This work is developed under the supervision of Professora Doutora Margarida Santos-Reis (Conservation in Socio-Ecological Ecosystems research group).



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