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Eva Soares Monteiro

External Collaborator

Entomology Citizen science Urban biodiversity Nature conservation and society

With a Biology major, Eva Monteiro is concluding her PhD on History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Salamanca, where she investigates the importance of teaching and learning the organism identification process for the comprehension, appreciation and conservation of biodiversity. Researcher at Tagis – Butterfly Conservation Center since 2007. Coordinator of the Portuguese Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, which is part of one of the most important and ancient projects of citizen science Europe. Team member of the Red List of Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrates of Portugal and several other local and municipal insect conservation projects. Author and co-author of science communication materials and activities based on insects and their identification: Grasshoppers and Crickets interactive identification key Orthopter-on, Vlog Insetos em Rede, exhibition Insects in Order, school and general public activities, nature pathways Biodiversity Station Network.



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