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Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM

Inês Campos


Energy transition Living labs Renewable energy prosumers

Inês Campos research pathway has been centred on social and environmental sustainability aiming towards accelerating climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. With a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies, her research is mainly focused on the energy transition, and specifically on the growth of decentralized energy systems, through the active involvement of citizens (i.e. energy communities, companies and municipalities). Inês is currently coordinating H2020 Project PROSEU [Prosumers for the Energy Union] where she is applying a Living Labs approach to understand and help mainstreaming the role of citizens in the energy transition. Her previous research focused on the role of social innovations as a response to climate change. She has developed frameworks build upon a convergence of methodologies from interdisciplinary research fields, applying qualitative and quantitative participatory approaches.​


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