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Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling - CCIAM

CCIAM Vision

CCIAM contributes to a better understanding of the impacts and consequences of climate change in strategic sectors for Portugal and Europe and aims to develop climate adaptation responses that are consistent with current global (environmental, social and economic) challenges. CCIAM focuses on how to model, analyse and evaluate climate impacts, risks and vulnerabilities across scales and socio-ecological systems; and how to best develop and disseminate climate adaptation through evidence-based services of recognisable excellence and added value to society.

Primary fields of research

(1) Climate data and climate change analysis; (2) Ecohydrology and socio-hydrology; (3) Urban climate impacts and resilience; (4) Health and wellbeing; (5) Nature-based and social-ecological innovations; (6) Art and climate communication; (7) Climate adaptation services; and (8) Sustainability science.