PMAACO - Plano Municipal de Adaptação às Alterações Climáticas de Oeiras

  • Services Acquisition
  • 2017 to 2019

Due to the expected challenges of climate change, the development of adaptive capacity at municipal level becomes particularly relevant, given the essentially local characteristics of adaptation to climate change. Therefore, PMAACO aims to improve the adaptive capacity in the Oeiras territory to climate change, through the implementation of effective measures to reduce vulnerability, and increase systems resilience. Therefore, its preparation implies:
1. Improve the level of knowledge concerning the climate system of Oeiras, with the study of climate scenarios and projections;
2. Evaluate current and future climate impacts for the territory of Oeiras. This analysis considers 9 priority sectors to Oeiras: Water Resources, Agriculture and Food Security, Biodiversity, Economy, Energy and Energy Security, Coastal Areas, Human Health, People and Goods Safety and Transport and Communications;
3. Identify and select sectorial adaptation measures, given the current and projected impacts of climate change in Oeiras.
4. The involvement of local and sectorial public bodies at various stages of the process, as well as private and non-governmental organizations.

Funding Institution:

Câmara Municipal de Oeiras.


Instituto Dom Luiz/FCUL (IDL/FCUL). 
Forest Research Centre/Higher Institute of Agronomy/University of Lisbon (CEF/ISA/UL).