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Amandine Pastor

External Collaborator

I have completed a double MSc degree in 2008 at both the EIP Toulouse (France) and Wageningen University (Netherlands), and I have finished my PhD at Wageningen University in 2017 on “How to manage the global water system to sustain both food production and environmental needs under global change”.  Throughout my research career I have worked in different countries and projects, including field work related to sustainable agriculture and water management in Mexico and Morocco. Since completing my thesis project I have worked as a researcher at IIASA (Austria) and I currently work at IRD Montpellier (France), as part of UMR LISAH: Laboratoire d'Etude des Interactions entre Sol-Agrosystème-Hydrosystème.

My research interests include environmental flows, hydrological modelling, sustainable food and agricultural production, and climate change. My current research is part of project MASCC: Mediterranean Agricultural Soils Conservation under global Change, and my objective is to develop various future “narrative” scenarios for 2050, merging projections of climate and agricultural mitigation strategies, for several regions in the western Mediterranean. For this project, I will work in Lisbon with the CCIAM team during 2017 and 2018.



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