My Ten most relevant publications are so far

1) Augusto, S., Pinho, P., Santos, A., Botelho, M.J., Palma-Oliveira, J. & Branquinho, C. 2016. Tracking the Spatial Fate of PCDD/F Emissions from a Cement Plant by Using Lichens as Environmental Biomonitors. Environmental Science & Technology, 50, 2434–2441. IF2014= 5.330

2) Matos, P., Pinho, P., Aragon, G., Martinez, I., Nunes, A., Soares., A. & Branquinho, C. 2015. Lichen traits responding to aridity. Journal of Ecology, 103, 451-458. IF2014= 5.521.

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4) Augusto, S., Pinho, P., Santos, A., Botelho, M.J., Palma-Oliveira, J. & Branquinho, C. 2015. Declining trends of PCDD/Fs in lichens over a decade in a Mediterranean area with multiple pollution sources. Science of the Total Environment, 508, 95-100. IF2014= 4.099

5) Pinho, P., Llop, E., Ribeiro, M.C., Cruz, C., Soares, A., Pereira, M.J. & Branquinho, C. 2014. Tools for determining critical levels of atmospheric ammonia under the influence of multiple disturbances. Environmental Pollution, 188, 88-93. (IF=4,143)

6) Munzi, S., Correia, O., Silva, P., Lopes, N., Freitas, C., Branquinho, C. & Pinho, P. 2014. Lichens as ecological indicators in urban areas: beyond the effects of pollutants. Journal of Applied Ecology, 51, 1750-1757. (IF=4,564)

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8) Pinho, P., Theobald, M.R., Dias, T., Tang, Y.S., Cruz, C., Martins-Loução, M.A., Máguas, C., Sutton, M. & Branquinho, C. 2012. Critical loads of nitrogen deposition and critical levels of atmospheric ammonia for semi-natural Mediterranean evergreen woodlands. Biogeosciences, 9(3), 1205-1215. (IF=3.754)

9) Pinho, P., Bergamini, A., Carvalho, P., Branquinho, C., Stofer, S., Scheidegger, C. & Máguas, C. 2012. Lichen functional groups as ecological indicators of the effects of low-intensity land-use in Mediterranean ecosystems. Ecological Indicators, 15(1), 36-42. (IF=2.890)

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