Paper co-authored by cE3c members in the Biological Invasions journal was distinguished with a press release by Springer

7/04/2016. Text by Marta Daniela Santos.

The cE3c researchers António Onofre, Artur Gil and Isabel Borges have contributed to a paper recently published in the Biological Invasions journal, as part of a special issue on insect invasions. The paper, which includes insights of researchers from 45 institutions worldwide, has been distinguished by Springer Select with a press release (which can be read here). Springer Select aims to distinguish “latest research results and gems of discovery – ground-breaking research and ‘edutaining’ facts”, as can be read on their website.

This research paper provides an overview of the invasion history and ecology of the Harlequin Ladybird or multicolored Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis), which has been intentionally introduced to several countries as a biological agent of pest insects. However, in several other countries it was introduced unintentionally. The rapid spread and increase in number registered by this invasive species in these countries poses a threat to biodiversity, a challenge which is being actively studied by the scientific community. This paper also discusses the role of citizen science in monitoring this species.


Roy, H.E., Brown, P.M.J., Adriaens, T., Berkven, N., Borges, I., Clusella-Trullas, S., De Clercq, P., Eschen, R., Estoup, A., Evans, E.W., Facon, B., Gardiner, M.M., Gil, A., Grez, A., Guillemaud, T., Haelewaters, D., Honek, A., Howe, A.G. Hui, C., Hutchison, W.D., Kenis, M., Koch, R.L., Kulfan, J., Handley, L.L., Lombaert, E., Loomans, A., Losey, J., Lukashuk, A.O., Maes, D., Magro, A., Murray, K.M., Martin, G. S., Zdenka Martinkova, Z., Minnaar, I., Nedved, O., Orlova-Bienkowskaja, M.J., Rabitsch, W., Ravn, H.P., Rondoni, G. Rorke, S.L., Ryndevich, S.K., Saethre, M.G., Sloggett.,Soares, A.O., Stals, R., Tinsley, M.C., Vandereycken, A., Wielink, P.,Viglášová, S., Zach, P., Zaviezo, T. & Zihua Zhao, Z. (2016) The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: An inspiration for global collaborations on invasion Biology. Biological Invasions18, 997-1044. DOI:10.1007/s10530-016-1077-6

Photo: Harlequin spectabilis| © Maris Midgley


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