Frontiers in E3: cE3c Annual Meeting

In this annual event, organized since 2015, cE3c researchers gather together to present and discuss their latest projects, scientific results and outreach activities, and explore novel ideas. Althoug it is an event reserved to the cE3c community, the plenary conferences are open to the public. 

The event is organized periodically either at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon or at the University of Azores, to strenghten the relationship between researchers from the Azores and Lisbon and foster the development of new collaborations.

On 2016 were created the PhD Merit Award - a distinction  intented to highlight the merits of the work carried out in the last year by researchers who have recently completed their PhD at the centre -, the PostDoc Merit Award - a distinction that intends to highlight the merit of the work carried out in the last year by postdoctoral researchers of the centre - and the Best Poster Award - awarded by voting. On 2018 was further created the Best Flash Talk Award - also awarded by voting, it distinguishes the best 5min presentation (Flash Talk). 

Please find below the highlights of each the editions of the Annual Meeting so far:


Annual Meeting 2020

Due to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the cE3c Annual Meeting will take place online, via Zoom, on the afternoons of October 1-2.

The afternoon of October 1, Thursday, will be reserved for the center's researchers, who will present and discuss the most recent projects and explore collaborations.

Taking the current reality as a starting point, the afternoon of October 2, Friday, is dedicated to the theme "Approaching and Fighting COVID-19", highlighting important contributions in this area by researchers from the cE3c of the Faculty of Sciences of the University Lisbon who through their research and specific voluntary initiatives are contributing to this area.

In particular, on October 2 we welcome as guest speakers Ricardo Dias, researcher at the Institute of Biosystems and Integrative Sciences - BioISI and coordinator of the Centro de Testes de Ciências ULisboa; Leandro Batista, researcher at the Pasteur Institute and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France), and Manuel Carmo Gomes, researcher at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and member of the Vaccination Technical Commission of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health.

From cE3c, we will also have presentations by Mónica Cunha, responsible for the scientific coordination of the COVIDETECT project through Ciências ULisboa, Jorge Palmeirim, developing research in the area of bats, Gabriela Rodrigues and Luís Marques, actively involved in voluntary initiatives facing COVID -19, and Marta Daniela Santos, who collaborates in the communication of Centro de Testes de Ciências ULisboa.

This is the 6th edition of the cE3c Annual Meeting, which in previous years has been held in the Azores - in São Miguel - and in Lisbon - at the National Museum of Natural History and Science (MUHNAC) and at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon .

If you are not a member of cE3c and wish to attend the session on October 2, please register HERE.

Programme of the session on October 2 available HERE.


Annual Meeting 2019


1-2 July, 2019, at the National Museum for Natural History and Science (MUHNAC)

Plenary Lectures by: Henrique Leitão (Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e Tecnologia, CIUHCT - FCUL), Maria Alice Pinto (Centro de Investigação da Montanha, CIMO - IPB), Tiago André Marques (Centro de Estatística e Aplicações, CEAUL - FCUL).


PhD Merit Award - Cristina Antunes (ESFE); Best Talk Award - Joana Hancock (TMB) and Paula Gonçalves (CSES);  Best Poster Award - Maria João Verdasca (CSES).

Poster available here.

Organizing CommitteeAna Paula Rosa (PSE); Filipa Grilo (eChanges/CSES); Jéssica Paulo (EE); João Carvalho (EG); Judite Alves (NHS); Miguel Cruz (EE); Vendula Kurdíková (CSES); Marta Santos (Communication Office).

Scientific CommitteeAna Teresa Marques (TMB); Artur Gil (IBBC); Diogo Godinho (EE/eChanges); Filipa Soares (TMB); Gabriela Rodrigues (DEM); Luís Dias (CCIAM); Sara Dias (eChanges); Sérgio Chozas (ESFE).


Annual Meeting 2018


9-10 July, 2018, at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Building C8)

Plenary Lectures by: Raúl Bonal (Univ Extremadura, Spain), Isabel Gordo (IGC, Portugal), Nuno Lacasta (Portuguese Environment Agency).


PostDoc Merit Award - Gustavo Martins (IBBC); PhD Merit Award - Alice Nunes (eChanges); Best Poster Award - Teresa Santos (EG) & Fernando Madeira (CSEE); Best Flash Talk Award - Martina Panisi (TMB).

Photoreport available here. Poster available here.

Organizing Committee: Bruno Aparício, Carla Alegria, Gabriela Rodrigues, João Carvalho, João Gameiro, Marta Daniela Santos, Rui Rebelo, Vítor Sousa.

Scientific Committee: Ana Leal, Artur Gil, Dora Batista, Ivo Chelo, Júlia Bentz, Pedro Pinho.

Scientific Committee of Associate Members: Bruno Aparício, Cátia Chanfana, Diogo Godinho, João Carvalho, João Gameiro, Patrícia Santos.


Annual Meeting 2017


5-6 June, 2017, at University of Azores (Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores)

Plenary Lectures by: John E. Losey (Univ Cornell, USA), Simon Evans (Univ Zurich, Switzerland), Stephen J. Hawkins (Marine Biological Association, UK).                                                           


PostDoc Merit Award - Artur Gil (IBBC/GBA); PhD Merit Award - Paula Matos (eChanges); Best Poster Award - Rita Patarra (IBBC/GBA).                     

Poster available here.                                                                        

Organizing Committee: António O. Soares, Ana Isabel Neto, Paulo Borges, Margarida Santos-Reis, Enésima Mendonça, Marta Daniela Santos, Inês Almaça.

Scientific Committee: António O. Soares, Ana Isabel Neto, Paulo Borges, Margarida Santos-Reis. 


Annual Meeting 2016


27-28 June, 2016, at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Building C6)

Plenary Lectures by: Sandra Luque (IRSTEA, France), Dieter Ebert (Basel Univ, Switzerland), Christoph Kueffer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland).


PostDoc Merit Award - Pedro Pinho (eChanges); PhD Merit Award - Tiago Capela Lourenço (CCIAM) & Thomas Matthews (IBBC); Best Poster Award - Leonor Rodrigues (EE) & Alexandre Figueiredo.     


Organizing Committee: Diogo Godinho, Flore Zélé, Helena Serrano, Inês Santos, Joana Hancock, Leonor Rodrigues, Paula Gonçalves, Paula Matos.

Scientific Committee: Julia Bentz, Maria Manuela Coelho, Otília Correia, Patrícia Garcia Pereira. 


Annual Meeting 2015 


19-20 June, 2015, at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Building C8)

Plenary Lectures by: José Montoya (CNRS Moulis, France), Joaquín Hortal (CSIS Madrid, Spain).                                                                                                                     

Program available here.