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Evolutionary Ecology - EE
Adaptation in heterogeneous environments

Leonor R. Rodrigues

PhD Student

My name is Leonor Rodrigues and I am conducting a Ph.D. in sexual conflicts and mating strategies, inserted on the Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution PhD Programme of the University of Lisbon. My project, “The effect of sexual and host-endosymbiont conflitcts over sex allocation and mating strategies in the spider mite Tetranychus urticae “, started in 2012 within the Adaptation to Heterogeneous Environments group of cE3c (also known as the mighty mite squad), under the supervision of Sara Magalhães (CE3C, UL) and Isabelle Olivieri (ISEM, UM2).

My main questions are:

(1) what are the genetic and plastic contributions of  males and females to sex allocation?

(2) why double mating occurs if no sex benefits from this behaviour?

(3) does Wolbachia presence lead to a female-biased host offspring even when nuclear female genes benefit from an even sex ratio?