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Subgroup Leader of Plant, lichen and fungi systematics, biogeography & conservation genetics
Natural History & Systematics - NHS

Cecília Loff Pereira Sérgio da Costa Gomes

Senior Researcher

Bryophyte taxonomy Phytogeography Mediterranean and Macaronesia Climate changes Ecology and indicators Biodiversity conservation

I am Senior Principal Researcher at the University of Lisbon. My research interests is strong focus on ecology and conservation biology in bryophyte flora, from natural and managed ecosystems as well as urban areas. I work with a wide spectrum of bryophyte taxonomic groups including also lichens. I often apply a multiple-scale approach investigating processes at the local and biogeographical scales.So, my scientific interests are centered on tree main subjects:

  • Bryology - from floristics and taxonomy to conservation and applied studies. Presently collaborating in flora of Iberian Peninsula.
  • Ecology - bioindication using bryophytes and lichens as indicators and bioaccumulators.
  • Biogeography-with modelling or quantitative analysis of plant biodiversity at national scale.

For many years I have been involved in taxonomic, floristic and biogeographic research of European bryophytes in particular Iberian Peninsula and Macaronesia Islands.

Since 1980 I collaborate with Spanish colleagues mainly from Barcelona, Madrid and Murcia Universities, working on bryophytes. I have collaborated on basic studies of bryoflora of several natural areas with particular emphasis on floristic inventory of natural parks. These collaborations have included also various funded programs focused on floras books and in the development of the Iberian Cartography a web interface for connecting bryophyte distribution in the Iberian and Macaronesia Islands (

I teaching in many undergraduate or master's programs and I supervised several doctoral theses, master's, post-doctoral programs or curriculum training in foreign universities. Participated in more than50national and international projectshave beenResearcherLeader in30 projects. Has published more than400 titlesin national andinternational journals.These publicationsrepresent26books orbook chapters.

As curator of LISU herbarium (Bryophyte collections) I have supervised specimen database “BROTERO” a set up online databases for public and professional reaches.

For collection activities and field studies I have done extensive work in many parts of the Iberian Peninsula Macaronesia, as well as in some European regions (20 000 herbarium specimens).


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