Cecília Loff Pereira Sérgio da Costa Gomes

Top Publications

My Ten most relevant publications are so far:

1) Sérgio C., Garcia C.A., Vieira C., Hespanhol H., Sim-Sim M., Stow S. & Figueira R. 2014. Conservation of Portuguese red listed bryophytes species in Portugal. Promoting a shift in perspective on climate changes. Plant Biosystems, 148(3-4):837-850 (IF=1,920)

2) Garcia C.A., Sérgio C., Villarreal J.C. Sim-Sim M. & Lara F. 2012. The hornworts Dendroceros Nees and Megaceros Campb. in São Tomé e Príncipe (Africa, Gulf of Guinea) with the description of Dendroceros paivae sp. nov. Cryptogamie Bryologie, 33(1):3–21. (IF=1.039).

3) Figueira R., Tavares P.C., Palma L., Beja P. & Sérgio C. 2009. Application of indicator kriging to the complementary use of bioindicators at three trophic levels. Environmental Pollution, 157(10): 2689-2696. (IF= 3.426)

4) Garcia C., Sérgio C. & Jansen J. 2008. The bryophyte Flora of Natural Park of Serra da Estrela (Portugal). Conservation and biogeographical approaches. Cryptogamie Bryologie, 29(1): 49-73. (IF=0.571)

5) Figueira R., Sérgio C., Lopes J.L. & Sousa A.J. 2007. Detection of exposition risk to arsenic in Portugal assessed by air deposition in biomonitors and water contamination. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 210(3-4): 393-397. (IF=1.621)

6) Sérgio C., Garcia, C.A., Sim-Sim, M., Vieira C., Hespanhol, H. Stow, S. 2013 - Atlas e Livro Vermelho dos Briófitos ameaçados de Portugal (Atlas and Red Data Book of Endangered Bryophytes of Portugal) MUHNAC/CBA. Edições Documenta. Lisboa. 464 pp.

7) Casas C., Brugués M., Cros R.M., Sérgio C., Infante M. 2009. Handbook of Liverworts and Hornworts of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. Institut d’estudis Catalans, 177p.

8) Sérgio C., Brugués M. & Ruiz E. 2013. Campylopus. In Guerra J, & Brugués M. (Coord.). Archidiales, Dicranales, Fissidentales. Flora Briofítica Ibérica. UMU/SEB. Murcia, pp. 125-138

9) Sérgio C., Figueira R. & Menezes R. 2011. Modeling the distribution of Sematophyllum substrumulosum (Hampe) E. Britton as a signal of climatic changes in Europe. in TUBA, Z., SLACK, NG, STARK, LR (Eds.) - Bryophyte Ecology and Climate Change, - pp. 427-439. Cambridge University Press