Frontiers in E3: cE3c Annual Meeting

Frontiers in E3: cE3c 2018 Annual Meeting


The cE3c 4th Annual Meeting will take place in July 9-10, 2018at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL). In this annual event, cE3c researchers gather together to present and discuss their latest projects, scientific results and outreach initiatives, and explore novel ideas.

Although it is an event reserved to the cE3c community, the plenary conferences are open to the public:


9h30 – 10h10: Understanding oak-animal ecological interactions for implementing biological pest management in dehesas/montados: new technological applications, by Raúl Bonal (University of Extremadura, Spain).

14h00 – 14h40: Epistasis and the Fate Resistant Bacteria Across Environments, by Isabel Gordo (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal).


9h30 – 10h10: Climate Change Policy in Portugal, por Nuno Lacasta (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente).

The abstracts of the Plenary Conferences are available here.

 Poster also available in pdf format here.




Important deadlines 

Registration: until June 3 (Sunday). 

Abstract Submission: until June 3 (Sunday).


Presentation Rules

Presentations at the meeting should be in English and in one of the three following formats: Short Talk (12+3 minutes), Flash Talk (5 minutes) or Poster. Flash Talks can only be presented by Associate Members (PhD students, Master students or Grant Holders). Short talks and Posters can be presented by any member. Please bear in mind that for:

Short Talks - The time allocated is 15 minutes. It is recommended to keep the presentation time to a maximum of 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for discussion. 

Flash Talks – Will be grouped in the programme according to the three main research areas of the centre – Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes – and the time allocated for each talk is 5 minutes. Time for questions will be reserved at the end of each group of Flash Talks.

We recommend that powerpoint/pdf files of Short and Flash Talks are sent to Mariana Marques ( until Thursday, July 5, to facilitate logistics on the days of the Meeting. If not possible, please copy the file to the computer on the day of your presentation, in the morning before the Meeting starts or during the coffee-breaks.

Posters - Posters must be written in Portuguese or English. Poster orientation should be portrait. Poster size should be 800 mm x 1000 mm. Minimum font size for all text: 18 pt. Text and graphics must be readable from 2 meters away. Posters must have the cE3c and FCT logos, as well as the reference to FCT funding, namely, ‘This work was funded by national funds through FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia in the frame of the project UID/BIA/00329/2013 (2015-2018)’.


Food Arrangements

Coffee-breaks will be available twice per day at the meeting place.
Lunch will be a responsibility of each participant; several bars and cafeterias are available at the campus of Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

The meeting’s dinner will take place on Monday, July 9, at 8:00pm, at Restaurante Borges (located near Colégio Moderno). More information and an inscription form were sent to those that registered to the Annual Meeting; if you are planning to attend please register until June 18. If you have not received the registration e-mail, please contact the Organizing Committee.


Organizing Committee

Bruno Aparício

Carla Alegria

Gabriela Rodrigues

João Carvalho

João Gameiro

Marta Daniela Santos

Rui Rebelo

Vítor Sousa


Scientific Committee

Ana Leal

Artur Gil

Dora Batista

Ivo Chelo

Júlia Bentz

Pedro Pinho


Scientific Committee of Associate Members

Bruno Aparício

Cátia Chanfana

Diogo Godinho

João Carvalho

João Gameiro

Patrícia Santos