Frontiers in E3: cE3c Annual Meeting


Frontiers in E3: cE3c 2017 Annual Meeting

The cE3c 3rd Annual Meeting will take place in June 5th-6th, 2017, at the campus of University of the Azores at São Miguel Island (map). It is an annual event in which cE3c researchers gather together to present and discuss their latest projects, scientific results and outreach initiatives, and explore novel ideas.

This is the first edition to be hosted by the University of the Azores, the two previous being held at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. It is therefore a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between the colleagues of Lisbon and Azores and establish new and fruitful collaborations.

The two-day programme will include plenary conferences, oral presentations, poster sessions and thematic workshops. Although it is an event reserved to the cE3c community, the plenary conferences will be open to the public. Details on these conferences, as well as on the programme, will be shortly announced.


Important deadlines 

Travel Grant: March 12
Only applicable to PhD students and Post-Doc researchers from Lisbon and Terceira island. Application implies submission of an abstract for an oral presentation until March 12. Selection will be based on the quality of the submitted abstract. The number of grants will be dependent on available funds and will take into account the timely pre-registration and the research groups representativity.

Abstracts Submission for Members not applying for travel grant: April 2

Please send your abstract to using the excel form available here.


Presentation Rules

Presentations at the meeting should be in English and in one of the three following formats: oral communication, flash talk or poster.

Oral presentations - The time assigned for each oral communication is 15 minutes. It is recommended to keep the presentation time in a maximum of 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for discussion. If you consume the 15 minutes in your presentation you will not be allowed to take the questions from the audience.

Flash talks – Flash talks will be scheduled at the end of the corresponding session and time assigned is 5 minutes. Questions to flash talks will be grouped at the end.

Power point/Pdf files of oral presentations and flash talks must be copied to the computer of the audience the day before, early in the morning or at the latest during the coffee break immediately before the scheduled session (each speaker will receive a message with the date and time scheduled).

Posters - Poster orientation should be portrait with the following maximum size: 85cm by 110cm (as a reference, the largest standard poster size that can fit the placards is A1, corresponding to 59,4cm by 84,1cm; or the less common B1, corresponding to 70,7cm by 100,0cm). . Minimum font size for all text: 18 pt. Text and graphics must be readable from 2 meters away.


There are several accommodations to choose from in Ponta Delgada (São Miguel Island, Azores), where the meeting will take place. The Organising Committee is establishing contacts with a few hostels and hotels near the University campus to obtain special prices for group reservations.

The list below will be regularly updated with more accommodation options. If you are interested in making a reservation in one of these hotels or hostels, please contact either Cláudia Oliveira ( if you are travelling from Lisbon, or Enésima Mendonça ( if you are travelling from Terceira Island (Azores). Please indicate: dates of check-in and check-out and desired room type (single/double).

Travel arrangements should be done as soon as possible to guarantee best prices.

Thomas Hostel

Special prices for group reservations:

Single: €42/night

Double: €52/night

Breakfast included. All rooms have private WC. Free Wi-Fi.

3 min walk from the University Campus

Pousada da Juventude

Regular prices:

Double room (with private WC): €50/night

Double room (shared WC): €43/night

Multiple room (2 to 8 beds, shared WC): €20/night per person

Breakfast included. Free Wi-Fi on common areas. Shared kitchen.

15min walk from the University Campus

Hotel Canadiano (limited availability)

Special prices for group reservations:

Single: €66/night

Double: €78/night

Triple: €108/night

Breakfast included. Free wi-fi on common areas.

9 min walk from the University Campus.

Residência Universitária das Laranjeiras - Ponta Delgada 

Single: €15/night

Double: €10/night

Breakfast not included. Private WC. Shared kitchen.

15min walk from the University Campus

Residencial Sete Cidades

Regular prices:

Single: €70/night

Twin/Double: €80/night

Triple (double + couch): €90/night

Breakfast included, free wi-fi.

8min walk from the University campus

Hotel "Casa do Jardim"

Regular prices:

Single: €68/night

Double: €78/night

Triple: €94/night

Breakfast included. Free wi-fi.

8min walk from the University campus

Vila Nova Hotel

Regular prices:

Single: €76/night

Twin/King: €90/night

Triple: €120/night

Suite Junior: €135/night

Suite Delux: €199/night

Breakfast included. 21min walk from the University campus

Food arrangements

Coffee breaks will be available twice per day at the meeting place.

As for the lunch, the organising committee is analysing the possibility of providing a free lunch pack at the meeting place or this will be a responsibility of each participant in case no funds are available.

The meetings’ dinner will take place at Camões Hotel in June 5h at 20h30m: inscription and payment is required (20€ per person). An inscription doodle will be sent shortly for those that have registered to the meeting.

Social Programme

Two offers of field trips are available, with the duration of one full day:

• 4th June (Sunday), Pre-Meeting tour on "Marine Biodiversity": Meeting point at 8:30am at old marina of Marina Ponta Delgada; Day Program from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Number of participants: 30. Budget (per person): €56,65. Further details available here. CANCELED FOR LACK OF A MINIMUM NUMBER OF REGISTRATIONS.

7th June (Wednesday), Post-Meeting Tour "São Miguel: island of calderas, volcanoes and lagoons": 9:00am to 5:00pm. In this geotour, accompanied by a Geopark Azores geologist, we will visit several geosites of the island, passing in the Volcaones of Fogo and Furnas, tea plantations, and with geothermal lunch. Budget (per person): €25. Further details available here. Note: this price can suffer fluctuations depending on the cars/bus we are able to rent for this field trip. Arrangements are being taken in order to guarantee the best possible solution. 

An inscription doodle has been sent, with deadline for reply until April 21st.

Organising Committee

António Onofre

Ana Isabel Neto

Paulo Borges

Margarida Santos-Reis

Enésima Mendonça

Marta Daniela Santos

Inês Almaça

Representatives of PhD students

Carolina Parelho (from São Miguel Island, Azores)

Rui Nunes (from Terceira Island, Azores)

Sietze J. Norder (from Lisbon)

Representatives of Post-Docs

Gustavo Martins (from São Miguel Island, Azores)

Isabel Amorim (from Terceira Island, Azores)

Filipa Vala (from Lisbon)