Greater Mouse-Eared bat Myotis myotis (Borkhausen, 1797)

  • Book Chapters
  • Dec, 2021

Zahn, A., Rainho, A. & Kiefer, A. (2021) Greater Mouse-Eared bat Myotis myotis (Borkhausen, 1797). Handbook of the Mammals of Europe (ed. by Hackländer, K. and Zachos, F.E.). Springer. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-65038-8_59-1.


This comprehensive species-specific chapter covers all aspects of the mammalian biology, including paleontology, physiology, genetics, reproduction and development, ecology, habitat, diet, mortality, and behavior. The economic significance and management of mammals and future challenges for research and conservation are addressed as well. The chapter includes a distribution map, a photograph of the animal, and a list of key literature.


  • Greater Mouse-Eared bat Myotis myotis (Borkhausen, 1797) Ana Rainho Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity - TMB