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Bats and Birds in Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystems
Tropical and Mediterranean Biodiversity - TMB

Ana Rainho


Bats Bioacoustics Tropical ecology Seed-dispersal Conservation Deforestation Africa

I received a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Lisbon in 2013 and for the past few years I was head of the Biodiversity Conservation Unit at Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), managing several projects on wildlife conservation and issues related with Natura 2000 network. I was the national representative in the Expert Group on Management of Natura 2000 of the European Commission and I am a member of the Group of Experts on The European Diploma for Protected Areas of the Council of Europe.

I am a superior technician at ICNF currently on a leave of absence. My research focuses mostly on bat ecology and conservation, namely: (a) habitat selection and space use by threatened species of bats - definition of landscape management strategies; (b) radio-tracking of nocturnal flying bats; (c) bat species identification using echolocation calls - bio-acoustical techniques for the detection of foraging bats; and (d) biogeography of bats on tropical and  island  systems. Presently, and in addition to these issues, I am interested on evaluating how tree distribution patterns and relatedness, within a tropical forest, is the result of the combined effect of plant traits and animal behaviour.


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