Posicionamiento genético de la raza equina Hispano-Bretón

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  • Dec, 2015

Cortés, O., Vega-Pla, J.L., Berruezo, A., Chomon, N., Oom, M.M., Dunner, S., Delgado, J.V., Gama, L., Ginja, C., Jordana, J., Landi, V., Luís, C., Martín-Burriel, I., Martínez, A.M., Zaragoza, P., Cañón, J. & BioHorse Consortium (2015) Posicionamiento genético de la raza equina Hispano-Bretón. Actas Iberoamericanas de Conservación Animal5, 70-77.


The Hispano-Breton equine breed is located in the North of the Iberian Peninsula and currently is an endangered breed. In order to analyze the genetic variability of the Hispano-Breton horse breed and its genetic relationships with other horse breeds located in the Iberian Peninsula a total of 25 autosomal microsatellites have been analyzed in 30 samples of the Hispano-Breton horse breed and in an additional 20 horse breeds that represent a comprehensive sampling of current Iberian Peninsula horse breeds. The parameters of genetic diversity of the Hispano-Breton horse breed were in the upper range of the values estimated in all of the breeds analyzed. The average FST genetic distance of Hispano-Breton horse with respect to the other breeds was 0.06. It is remarkable that the average FST genetic distance among Hispano-Breton, Burguete and Pirinenc Català horse breeds was not significantly different from 0. The FIS estimate in the Hispano-Breton did not indicate a significant deficit of heterozygotes. The dendrogram built from FST genetic distances among breeds and the correspondence analysis showed similar results. The Iberian Peninsula celtic horse breeds were grouped in a single cluster while the horse breeds with different degrees of Arab influence comprise a second cluster. The low census and corresponding genetic drift effect probably explain the isolation evidenced by the Sorraia and Retuertas horse breeds.

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