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Evolutionary Genetics - EG

Maria do Mar Oom

Assistant Professor (Retired)

Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) Horse breeds Canine breeds Conservation genetics Pedigree analysis Molecular testing

I received a Ph.D. in Evolution from the University of Lisbon in 1993 and I am currently leading the Conservation Genetics and Management of Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) Sub-group of the Evolutionary Genetics (EG) research group of cE3c. I am a retired professor of Cytogenetics and Ex-situ Animal Conservation at the University of Lisbon. After my retirement, I only have some specific educational collaborations in post-graduate master courses, and post-graduate training activities, including  services to the community through the Applied Genetics Lab (DNA tests) at the University of Lisbon.

For many years I have been involved in studies of genetic and morphological characterization of equine native breeds, their breeding systems and its consequences on the populations evolving process.

I am a member of the management board of the Portuguese Society for Animal Genetic Resources (Sociedade Portuguesa de Recursos Genéticos Animais - SPREGA,, Founder Member and Vice President of the ‘Associação Internacional de Criadores do Cavalo Ibérico de Tipo Primitivo – Sorraia’, the nominated Technical Secretary of the Sorraia Horse Studbook and  a Research Partner on the Horse Genome Project.


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