Creating a Sustainable & Just Lisbon

  • E-Book
  • Dec, 2020

Crowley, D. & Belchior, C. (2020) Creating a Sustainable & Just Lisbon. Urban Hub 20 – Accelerating City Change in a VUCA World. pp. 184-192.


his is a truly brilliant and much needed presentation. The author has brought together an extremely intelligent group of writers and thinkers to apply Integral principles to the problems and creative openings of city, regions, ecosystems, and the biosphere itself. Each one of these areas is treated as a living, complex, integral system, and the ways that they all mutually interact are fully explored, with the added benefit that they are all looked through an integral lens, insuring that a fully whole and complete path is taken. There is really no other approach like this available, and certainly none that give as full and comprehensive and inclusive an account. I can’t recommend this approach more highly, it truly touches a level of genius.” Ken Wilber—Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; The Integral Vision.


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