TEMPRANILLO is a direct repressor of the microRNA miR172

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  • Sep, 2019

Aguilar-Jaramillo, A., Marín-González, E., Matias-Hernandez, L., Osnato, M., Pelaz, S. & Suárez-López, P. (2019) TEMPRANILLO is a direct repressor of the microRNA miR172.

Plant Journal, 100(3), 522-535. DOI:10.1111/tpj.14455 (IF2019 6,141; Q1 Plant Sciences) NON-cE3c affiliated

In the age‐dependent pathway, microRNA 156 (miR156) is essential for the correct timing of developmental transitions. miR156 negatively regulates several SPL genes, which promote the juvenile‐to‐adult and floral transitions in part through upregulation of miR172. The transcriptional repressors TEMPRANILLO1 (TEM1) and TEM2 delay flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana at least through direct repression of FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) and gibberellin biosynthetic genes, and have also been reported to participate in the length of the juvenile phase. Levels of TEM mRNA and miR156 decrease gradually, allowing progression through developmental phases. Given these similarities, we hypothesized that TEMs and the miR156/SPL/miR172 module could act through a common genetic pathway. We analyzed the effect of TEMs on levels of miR156, SPL and miR172, tested binding of TEMs to these genes using chromatin immunoprecipitation and analyzed the genetic interaction between TEMs and miR172. We found that TEMs played a stronger role in the floral transition than in the juvenile‐to‐adult transition. TEM1 repressed MIR172A, MIR172B and MIR172C expressions and bound in vivo to at least MIR172C sequences. Genetic analyses indicated that TEMs affect the regulation of developmental timing through miR172.



  • TEMPRANILLO is a direct repressor of the microRNA miR172 Esther Marín-González Socio-Ecological Research