880. Euphorbia tuckeyana. Euphorbiaceae

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  • Oct, 2018

Molero, J., Romeiras, M.M., Duarte, M.C., Santos-Guerra, A., Jestrow, B. & Francisco-Ortega, J. (2018) 880. Euphorbia tuckeyana. Euphorbiaceae. Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 35(2), 166-188.


Euphorbia tuckeyana is a dendroid spurge endemic to Cabo Verde. It belongs to E. subgenus Esula section Aphyllis subsection Macaronesicae, a monophyletic group of eleven species restricted to the Canaries, Madeira archipelago, the Selvagens islands, Cabo Verde, a small area of Atlantic Morocco, and Portugal, that have high horticultural potential for xeric gardens. Among them E. tuckeyana grows well in tropical environments with a summer rainy season. History of early collections and records is reviewed. The species has been previously depicted on one postage stamp and in papers focusing on the Cabo Verde flora. Three other phylogenetically distant groups of dendroid spurges, also with leaves spirally arranged in clusters located on stem tips, occur in the West Indies, Africa, and Asia. They also show high potential for tropical gardens. We present a previously unpublished ink‐drawing of E. tuckeyana that was made by the great Spanish plant illustrator Eugeni Sierra Ràfols (1919–1999). The name is lectotypified with a specimen housed in the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris) that was collected by the Portuguese naturalist João da Silva Feijó in the late 18th century.



  • 880. Euphorbia tuckeyana. Euphorbiaceae Maria Cristina Duarte Plant, lichen and fungi systematics, biogeography & conservation genetics
  • 880. Euphorbia tuckeyana. Euphorbiaceae Maria Manuel Cordeiro Salgueiro Romeiras Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology - ESFE