IUCN - Spider and Scorpion Specialist Group

  • EU
  • International Research Project
  • 2014 to 2024

It is the goal of this group to protect all arachnids around the globe, including their habitats as well. For that reason, we focus on: Conducting assessments, planning and making decisions about the conservation of arachnids in collaboration with other IUCN task forces, specialist groups, and the Invertebrate Conservation Committee. A multimedia platform that provides factual information and education. Identify integrated plans and mobilize resources to support activities that promote arachnid conservation and habitat preservation. Engaging the global network of experts to identify knowledge gaps by taxa and/or region with a view to addressing these gaps while increasing the diversity of active members. The priority is to assess, plan and act towards arachnid conservation in collaboration with the other IUCN Task Forces, Specialist Groups and the Invertebrate Conservation Committee. Identifying gaps in expertise by taxa and/or region and engaging with the global network of experts.

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Project leader: Sérgio Henriques