TomBugBite - Tomato defensive responses to mirids used in biological control

  • FCT
  • National Research Project
  • 2020 to 2022

The main objective is to compare the phytophagous behaviour of three important Dicyphini species (Dicyphus cerastii, Nesidiocoris tenuis, and Macrolophus pygmaeus) and to evaluate the type and degree of impact induced to tomato (photosynthesis, oxidative stress, defensive phytohormones). We believe that understanding the tomato responses to the damage caused by Dicyphini will allow a better species choice decision to be used in biological control. This choice could then, in addition to the voracity, take into account the balance between the positive and negative effects of mirids phytophagy.

Funding Institution:

LEAF (Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food).


Project Leader: Elizabete Figueiredo (LEAF- ISA / UL);

Project team: Ana Monteiro, Luísa Louro, Miguel Mourato & Paula Souto (LEAF- ISA / UL) & Glória Pinto (CESAM - UAveiro).