FORWARD - TWG 7 Biodiversity conservation and restauration

  • International Research Project
  • 2020 to 2022

OR are among the most ecologically vulnerable territories of the Union. Indeed, their small size, isolation and high level of endemic biodiversity, make them particularly exposed to anthropogenic and climate-change induced dynamics threatening natural ecosystems on a global scale and the communities which rely on them. It is also a way to turn a threat into an opportunity by positioning outermost regions as living labs of biodiversity conservation and restoration

FORWARD Resumed objectives: (1) improve ORs excellence in research and their innovation potential; (2) improve OR´s participation in EU research and innovation funded projects; (3) link research activities with territorial development.

TWG7 OBJECTIVES increase the number of projects submitted and financed by ORs to the EU FP , in the thematic of Biodiversity, Conservation and Restoration

Some scientific domains of expertise and policy objectives are: 

  • Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation of species and ecosystems
  • Biogeography and evolutionary processes
  • Terrestrial ecology
  • Invasive alien species and other environmental risks
  • Evolution and Interactions in Caribbean, Macaronesian and Indian Ocean Area, and Amazonian systems
  • Conservation of natural heritage & Understanding of heritage and landscape
  • Biosphere conservation, social-environmental conflicts, greening of public action

Funding Institution:

EU H2020.


Fundo Regional Ciência e Tecnologia.