IUCN/SSC Species Monitoring Specialist Group

  • IUCN
  • International Research Project
  • 2016 to 2026


The IUCN SSC Species Monitoring Specialist Group aims to enhance biodiversity conservation by improving the availability and use of data on species populations, their habitats and threats.

Goals, Objectives & Outputs

By 2020, decisions and actions on biodiversity conservation are informed by the improved collection, analysis, sharing and use of data on species populations, their habitats, threats and conservation responses ultimately leading to the enhanced conservation of threatened species. 
Potential indicators include:

  • Number of Red List assessments using trend data on populations and habitat loss
  • Number of conservation management decisions made using data generated with support from the Group.


Draft Objectives

  • To build capacity and available resources in specialist groups and their partners, especially governments, civil society organizations and MEAs
  • To develop appropriate species monitoring tools and methods, including technological innovations
  • To improve and harmonize species databases
  • To increase data sharing
  • To enhance data use
  • To stimulate interest in monitoring poorly known taxa.

Funding Institution: