GPS Azores-Geographical and Political Scenarios for Maritime Spatial Planning in the Azores and North Atlantic

  • PO Azores Project
  • Regional Research Project
  • 2016 to 2020

North Atlantic recent intensive use and resources exploitation, specifically in the Azores require a new maritime planning culture. Portugal has developed initiatives under a global Maritime Strategy, however, sector policies integration is still lacking and coordination is very fallible. Structured in 5 coherent tasks, GPS Azores will contribute to fill this knowledge gap and support Maritime Spatial Planning. GPS Azores Project aims at increasing knowledge on maritime activities, where the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the implementation of the Atlantic Strategy operate. Based on accurate knowledge, the project aims at defining a Maritime Spatial Planning for the North Atlantic and specifically to the Azores, coherent and adapted to these islands, enhancing its skills and protecting the most sensitive marine ecosystems.

Funding Institution:

PO Azores 2020.


Seascape Consultants Ltd, Universidade de Sevilha, FCSH-UNL, FCUL & FCT-UNL.