Encontros Scientia

Encontro Scientia | Science-based ecological restoration to inform national and European restoration policies

Encontro Scientia with Alice Nunes (Ecology of Environmental Change)

15 June 2023 . 12h00 (GMT+1)

2.2.14 Room, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

Online access: LINK; password – 402795

Recent global political initiatives on nature restoration by the United Nations and in the European Union highlight the urgency of restoring ecosystems to address the loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis and ensure human security and well-being. The nature restoration law under discussion in the EU sets binding targets for all member states including Portugal. Therefore, it is crucial for the future national plan for nature restoration to build upon and integrate the scientific knowledge and expertise gained from various restoration projects, involving all key actors.

This communication will provide examples of restoration projects implemented in Portugal and their scientific assistance, involving restoration of dunes, quarries, and agroforestry systems threatened by desertification. In addition, recent efforts to compile and make available information on ecosystem restoration in Portugal will be discussed, as well as to promote communication between the different actors involved in restoration activities, and to facilitate knowledge exchange between academia, the society and policy-makers in Portugal, including providing support for the discussion and setting of targets of the EU Nature Restoration Law.

By doing so, this work intends to provide a basis for the discussion about the state of ecosystem restoration in Portugal, identifying the main limitations, opportunities, and solutions to tackle the challenges and support public policies for nature restoration at the national and EU levels.



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