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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Alice Maria Rodrigues Nunes


Plant functional ecology Dryland ecology Ecological restoration Ecological indicators Global change research

I have a PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Change by the Universities of Lisbon and Aveiro (June 2017). My PhD work was focused on the response of plant functional traits to climate in Mediterranean drylands, both along space and over time, and its application in the improvement of land management and restoration strategies to combat desertification and land degradation.

My main research areas are Plant Functional Ecology and Ecological Restoration, particularly in the context of Dryland Ecosystems. My current research is focused on plant functional traits i) relation to ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services delivery, ii) as ecological indicators of environmental change due to natural and anthropogenic pressure factors (e.g. climate, land use), iii) as tools to improve planning and monitoring of ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems.

Currently, I am working at a project aimed at developing ecological indicators of climate change in drylands based on plant functional diversity, and at the search for global patterns by testing those indicators in different dryland areas of the world, through collaboration with researchers, e.g. from semiarid areas in Brazil. 


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