Encontros Scientia

Encontro Scientia | Innovative reforestation: Insights from the R3forest project

Encontro Scientia with Florian Ulm (Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology)

20 April 2023 . 12h00 (GMT)

Room 2.2.12, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

In the light of increasing pressure from global change drivers, such as wildfires and desertification, reforestation is an essential tool to combat the rapid degradation of landscapes.

The R3forest Project aims to implement and evaluate a set of technical solutions through the synergy of best practices to achieve increased plant survival and a healthy soil, while mitigating erosion, increasing biodiversity, and managing invasive species. To achieve these objectives, local biomass from invasive species was collected and chipped to produce a green waste compost, and local biomass from exotic woody species was turned into woodchips. Subsequently, swales were created, filled with the different types of biomass and various forest species were planted. The species planted ranged from exotic to native plants and in-cooperated a wide range of sizes and growth forms to potentially create a multi layered, productive forest.

In this talk we will present the practical steps that needed to be taken, from biomass assessment to final treatment, and will present the first results of the treatments on survival rates. Lastly, we will use this occasion to highlight the importance of using applicable, local solutions and work with local stakeholders to get a picture of the whole management costs for each owner/stakeholder.


Join us IN PERSON (FCUL Room 2.2.12) or, if you are located in Azores or at MUHNAC, by Zoom (LINK - password: 705350)!


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