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Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology - ESFE
Stable Isotope Ecology and Ecosystems Functioning

Florian Ulm

Post-Doc Researcher

Plant invasion Plant soil interaction Nutrient cycling Mycorrhiza Sustainable urban agriculture

I am a plant-soil biologist and my interests are related to biological interactions between soil microbiota and plant performance. I am particularly concerned with plant invasion, symbiosis, composting and sustainable urban agriculture.

After participating in several research projects about Acacia spp. invasion in Portuguese dune and Brazilian sandy-soil ecosystems, I worked with a project on ectomycorrhizal-plant response to artificial nitrogen deposition in a Maquis-type ecosystem. Subsequently, I did my PhD on Acacia longifolia invasion in a primary dune system, from an individual plant-soil perspective to a community scale, looking at nutrient fluxes and pools. Within this PhD thesis, I also worked on the utilization of composted Acacia Biomass as a soil amendment to improve soil nutrient retention and tested its effect on maize plants in an urban agricultural context.

Currently, I am working with the R3forest project on the usage of exotic biomass compost as a tool to help with post-fire reforestation efforts. The project envisions the use of this compost in conjunction with swales and woodchips in order to decrease runoff and erosion, while increasing soil water and nutrient retention and tree survival.


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