cE3c becomes the latest GBIF portuguese data publisher

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16/08/2016. Text by Luís Catarino and Rui Figueira, GBIF national coordinator. Edited by Marta Daniela Santos.

cE3c has become the most recent Portuguese data publisher through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility – GBIF, since July 7, 2016. The registration of this research center received the endorsement of the GBIF Portuguese Node, and was motivated by the publication of its data set relating to biodiversity records of Guinea-Bissau.

This data set reports 4039 ocurrences of vascular plants in Guinea-Bissau, almost all georeferenced. The data was collected by the cE3c researcher Luís Catarino, during the fieldwork for his PhD. The data now available was obtained in 232 fito-ecological surveys conducted throughout the Guinea-Bissau territory in different types of habitats. Data can be viewed and accessed here.

After this first step other sets of biodiversity data of cE3c researchers, with ocurrence data based on observations or on biological collections, can now be easily made available to the scientific community through GBIF with cE3c as the data provider. Besides ocurrence data, GBIF also allows the publication of data samples or inventories, in which is provided more information on the event, including the sampling methodology and the frequency value or abundance of individuals.


Photographs by Luís Catarino.


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