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Sonia Maria Pereira Duarte

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Sónia Duarte is conducting a Ph.D. in Animal Physiology by the University of Azores starting in 2013 within the Island Environmental Risks and Society of cE3c. She is conducting the project Symbiotic flagellate protists as a target for subterranean termites control strategies, under the supervision of Lina Nunes (LNEC), Paulo Borges (cE3c) and Carl Gunnar Fossdal (Skogoglandskap).  

Sónia Duarte Ph.D. project aims are: i) to characterize the symbiotic flagellate protist communities living inside the lower termite Reticulitermes grassei Clément; ii) to evaluate the responses of these symbionts under varying conditions; iii) evaluate possible candidate termiticidal products with protozoicidal effects.


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