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Jiesper Pedersen

PhD Student

Emissions scenarios Intergovernmental influences Emissions drivers

Jiesper Pedersen is a climate researcher (5 yrs), sustainability consultant (13 yrs), co-examiner in anthropology at four Danish universities, and external lecturer at ULisboa (Climate Change Ph.D. program) and in Danish &  Moçambican Universities. In addition, he communicates scientific results by participating in public debates and news media. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Climate Change and future scenarios at Copernicus at Utrecht University, a master's in anthropology at Copenhagen University, a master's in protreptic leader coaching and process facilitation, and an electrician (industry/housing).

As a member of cE3c research unit and part of Portugal's RNA2100 adaptation roadmap 2020-2100 (The Portuguese Ministry of Environment & Climate Action), he developed national socio-economic & forest policy scenarios, e.g., in cooperation with modelers at the National Bank of Portugal. He consults companies and organizations on sustainable change, value change, ESGs, and avoiding greenwashing in sustainable marketing. He teaches in universities (since 2006), was a primary school teacher (2009-2011), and was a combat and navigation instructor in the Danish Army (2011-2012). Methods include, e.g., co-creation/Ideation workshops, usability testing, participatory fieldwork, surveys, interviews, coaching, and dataset analysis.

Research: publications about emission scenarios, practice change, and (Paris) climate policy improvements in high-impact science journals (e.g., Elsevier and Nature journals). He is a reviewer in "Journal of Sustainable Production" (Elsevier), "Communications Earth and Environment" and "Nature Communications" (Nature Journals), and on the Sixth Assessment Report (Working Group III) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He participated in the UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties (COPs) COP-25 (Madrid) and COP-26 (Glasgow). He is invited to join COP-27 (Sharm El-Sheikh) as an informal part of the Portuguese delegation via the National Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CNADS).

Sustainable consultancy & projects: consulting development of an online climate-game platform for municipalities and voters – navigating adapting to a changing climate (informing about risks and solutions) and emissions reduction solutions connected to various political priorities (political image/popularity, market economy, organizational structure). Previously, he developed the concept of the "CPLP Climate Observatory," aiming to visualize climate change indicators in developing countries, led practical research in gamification of Smart Home Energy saving, evaluated user waste separation in Rødovre municipality, and assessed a Veteran Para-sports project under the Danish Armed Forces. He led humanitarian development projects (improving the quality of health services in 42 Western Kenyan health facilities and building a health center).


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