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Jiesper Pedersen

PhD Student

Emissions scenarios Intergovernmental influences Emissions drivers

Jiesper Strandsbjerg Tristan Pedersen conducting a Ph.D. in "Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies" at the Institute of Social Sciences and Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon and a member of the research unit CCIAM-cE3c at Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon.  Since 2020 he has been a guest lecturer at the first academic year of the Ph.D. "Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies" program in the topic of emission scenarios. He is an examiner at Bachelor and Master’s levels at the University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus, University of Southern Denmark, and the University of Aalborg under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. He is the CPLP Climate Observatory project manager at "Climate and Energy Forum" (, developing a web platform connecting climate indicators of emissions and impacts to support policymaking, risk assessments, and science in the nine countries. Additionally, he is a researcher in the “RNA 2100” project (CCIAM-cE3c) under the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon ( Previously he was the project manager of various social experiments and research projects in, e.g., Smart Home Energy saving ( and user Waste Separation and in living communities (, and evaluated the efficiency of a Veteran Para-sports project for war veterans under the Danish Defence evaluation (ANTHS - Business and Innovation Anthropology (

He is conducting his Ph.D. project, under the supervision of Filipe Duarte Santos and Carla Gomez (University of Lisboa), Rob Swart (Wageningen University), and Joyeeta Gupta (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands). Jiesper’s Ph.D. project aims are emissions scenarios developed by or used in the scenario-based literature informing  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Reports from 1990 till today, the scenario critiques, developments, their credibility and salience in comparison with the historical trends, as well as assessing the current and future global pathways.

Jiesper is a climate and sustainability activist and anthropologist. He has 13 years of experience in socially sustainable development, assessing projects studying work processes, relations, and conflicts in working environments in municipalities, companies, and organizations, as well as user studies, usability testing, and fieldwork to better understand the users and their relationships to campaigning and products. Additionally, he has ten years of experience in leading humanitarian development projects and in particular improving the health services in Western Kenyan health facilities.


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