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Leader of Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Helena Cristina Serrano

Post-Doc Researcher

Natural Metalliferous environments Fitoremediation Ecological indicators Plant eco-physiology Biodiversity

I recently finished my Ph.D. in Biologia/Ecologia (Biology/Ecology) by the University of Lisbon (UL), Portugal, with the project Ecology of a Rare and Endemic Plantago Species, where I determined major factors (biotic and abiotic) behind Plantago almogravensis’ ecological niche, diagnosed problematic phases in the species’ life cycle; compared and integrated knowledge about sister species for phylogeny and taxonomic status; and contributed to the theoretical study of rarity, the ecological role of P. almogravensis in its ecosystem and its evolutionary position among the other members of the genus, while suggesting also directions towards conservation measures.

Currently, I’m working with phyto-accumulation of metals and PCDD/F’s in connection with bioremediation and biomonitoring of pollution. I’m also interested in understanding the responses of plants (physiology and ecology), to particular metalliferous environments, natural or anthropogenic. The heterogeneity in the environment, the environmental changes caused by men.


2015: PhD Biologia/Ecologia, FCUL

2003: MSc Biotecnologia (Eng. Bioquímica), IST-UTL

1997: Degree Biologia Vegetal Aplicada, FCUL



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