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Ecology of Environmental Change - eChanges

Helena Cristina Serrano


Disturbed environments Phytoremediation Ecological indicators Plant eco-physiology Biodiversity

Ph.D. in Biology/Ecology (2015) by the University of Lisbon, Portugal, with the project “Ecology of a Rare and Endemic Plantago Species”, I determined major factors (biotic and abiotic) impacting the plant species Plantago almogravensis’ ecological niche, and contributed to the theoretical study of rarity and species conservation, as well as phytoaccumulation of metals. Since then, I worked in several research projects with Ecology/Pollution/Biodiversity as common lines, related to disturbed environments (in particular metalliferous), natural or anthropogenic.

I'm interested in studying the heterogeneity in the environment and the anthropic environmental changes, in connection with phytoaccumulation (e.g. metals, PCDD/F, PAH); with bioremediation and biomonitoring (ecological indicators) of pollution; and with soil chemical composition and decomposition properties; contributing to applications in ecological restoration/phytoremediation.

Key areas are:
# Ecological indicators of natural and anthropogenic pollution: lichens and mosses as bioindicators; atmospheric deposition impacts.
# Eco-physiology in phytoremediation and ecological restoration: native plant species, ecological niches, phytoaccumulation, disturbance & resilience; mineral mining & quarries; vegetation reflectance indexes (e.g. NDVI).
# Biodiversity action plans: monitoring biodiversity/agrobiodiversity in impacted environments; less impact/no-loss/restoration management; ecosystem services and trade-offs; sustainable and natural solutions (e.g. for climate change adaptation), related to agriculture and forests.

2015: PhD Biologia-Ecologia, CIÊNCIAS-ULisboa
2003: MSc Biotecnologia (Eng. Bioquímica), IST-UTL
1997: Degree Biologia Vegetal Aplicada, FCUL-UL

Since 2020:
Leader of the eChanges group (Ecology of Environmental Change) of CE3C
Member of the Direction (Treasurer) of SPECO (Portuguese Society of Ecology)



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