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Development and Evolutionary Morphogenesis - DEM

Gabriela Rodrigues

Assistant Professor

Developmental biology Stem cell biology Muscle development and disease Extracellular matrix and biomaterials Regenerative medicine Cell culture and other in vitro systems

I received a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Lisboa in 2003 working on the Secretory Activity of Exocrine Glandular Cells, specifically in epithelial cells in in vitro culture model systems. I did my Ph.D. work in the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, in the Cell Biology Lab.

Since 1993 I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisboa, and I have already taught many subjects, from Animal Biology, to Endocrinology, Lab Techniques, and am now more focused on teaching Embryology, Histology, Reproductive Biology and Biology of Stem Cells. 

After the Ph.D. work in cell biology, I joined Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir’s group in FCUL, in the cE3c group of Development and Evolutionary Morphogenesis (DEM group), where I participated in works concerning the influence of the extracellular matrix in somitogenesis and myogenesis in chick and mouse embryos. I more recently collaborated with several groups in the field of Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials to study materials that could be used as substitutes for bone and skin tissues.

My main research interests are: 1) the cellular basis of how embryos regulate morphogenesis through binding and communicating with the extracellular matrix; 2) how embryonic cells maintain their pluri- or multipotency and remain later as some stem cells in all adult organs; 3) how can biomaterials, especially the molecular extracellular component, guide cell fate decision and give rise to functional tissues and organs in vitro.


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