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Island Biodiversity, Biogeography & Conservation - IBBC
Island Arthropod Macroecology

François Rigal

External Collaborator

After accomplishing a Master in Evolution and a PhD on marine invasive species (University Pierre et Marie Curie, France), I joined the Azorean Biodiversity Group ( in the CE3C as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2010.
My research currently spans a number of different subjects from community ecology, functional diversity to conservation biogeography. During these last years, I focused particularly on how human activities (mainly land-use changes and biological invasions) affect native species assemblages using Azorean arthropods as models.

In September 2015 I am starting a new job as Professor in the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour. I am keeping my collaboration with cE3c, mainly with my forner colleagues in Azores.


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