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Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology - ESFE
Stable Isotope Ecology and Ecosystems Functioning

Carla Sofia Marques de Alegria


Food quality and technology Mediterranean food products Abiotic stress treatments Bioactive compounds Montado Mediterranean agroecosystems

I received a Ph.D. in Food Engineering from the University of Lisbon in 2015, in collaboration with Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária (INIAV) and Texas A&M University, on the use of controlled abiotic stress treatments to improve the microbial, bioactive and sensorial quality and shelf-life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Presently, I am a Postdoc researcher (SFRH/BPD/126703/2016) currently working in the Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology (ESFE) Research group of cE3c.

My research focus on linking state-of-the-art food science technologies with applied and strategic research. Emphasis is on addressing biological and technological strategies to reach economic and environmental sustainability, developing innovative approaches to address tangible needs of stakeholders, ultimately aiming to promote food quality, safety and security.

Current specific interest is in establishing relationships between the Montado traditional agro-forestry system and the use of local acorn species and traditional products while promoting regional economic and social development, biodiversity conservation, and the quality of the environment aiming simultaneously to assure food security. Other interests can be described by the following: Authenticity and valorization of Mediterannean food products; Controlled abiotic stresses application to improve quality and antioxidant potential of fruits and vegetables; Valuing the recovery of bioactive compounds from agro-industrial residues using eco-friendly technologies; Quality and safety of food products (namely fruits and vegetables); Postharvest biology and technology: ripening, quality and storage; Technological processes optimization (integrated treatments).


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