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Plant, lichen and fungi systematics, biogeography & conservation genetics
Natural History & Systematics - NHS

Ana Isabel Vasconcelos Dias Correia

Assistant Professor (Retired)

I received a Ph.D. in Biology (Ecology and Biosystematics) from the University of Lisbon in 1995. I am an assistant professor at the Faculdade de CIências da Universidade de Lisboa (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon) and invited curator of Vascular Plants at Herbarium LISU (Jardim Botânico/Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência-MUHNAC/Universidade de Lisboa). I am a researcher in the Natural History & Systematics Group and in the Plant, Lichen and Fungi Systematics, Biogeography & Conservation Genetics subgroup of the cE3c.

My main research interests are vascular plants from the Portuguese flora and the historical and taxonomic study of the XVIII and XIX century collections of vascular plants kept at herbarium LISU. 


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