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Ana Cláudia Pereira de Oliveira

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Semiarid region Dryland Caatinga Diversity functional Plant ecology

I have a PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Change (areas of specialization in Ecology and Functional Biodiversity) at the University of Lisbon and a MSc degree in Development and Environment and BSc in Biology in Brazil. I started my BSc with the exercise of plant identification, going through the assessment of composition and taxonomic diversity in Brazilian ecosystems. In the MSc degree, I incorporated structural (phytosociology) and biogeographical issues. Finally, in my Ph.D. I explored the functional understanding of plant communities, associating it with the issue of the climate crisis. During my academic journey, I took some breaks to develop technical activities in the same institutions that I was already developing the researches, namely, i) Plant Ecology and Forest Restoration Laboratory (LERF) and Herbarium ESA at University of São Paulo (from 2004 to 2007; 2013), ii) Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (2007 – 2009) and iii) Center for Ecology and Environmental Monitoring (NEMA) of the Federal University of São Francisco Valley (UNIVASF) (from 2012 to current), respectively.


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