Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Responses


Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Responses



The goal of this short course is to introduce the students to the main climate change research concepts and prepare them to use available information on scenarios, impacts and adaptation. Specific goals include:
i) Study climate change and socio-economic scenarios and have an overview of what are the predictions for Portugal, Europe and the World;
ii) Explore the main expected impacts of climate change in a range of sectors,
iii) Explore direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity; introduction vulnerability assessment methodologies;
iv) Study specific responses to climate change, namely Mitigation and Adaptation (including Ecosystem based Adaptation), looking at specific examples in a range of scales


This course can have a recognition of 6 ECTs for FCUL PhD students enrolling in it as part of their first doctoral year. For FCUL PhD students only requiring 5 ECTs recognized in their specific PhD programmes, 6 hours of the course are not mandatory and the certificate will be on 'Topics in Climate Change: scenarios, impacts and responses.


Directed to: PhD or MSc students in Biology, Environmental studies, Geography or related areas and postdocs and other professionals working in related topics

General Plan

1. The climate system and climate change
2. Climate change and socioeconomic scenarios
3. Climate change impacts, risks and vulnerability: assessment methodologies; vulnerabilities in different sectors (e.g.: water resources, coastal areas, health; agriculture)
4. Climate change and Biodiversity: direct and indirect impacts
5. Vulnerability assessments for Biodiversity
6. Climate change and Forests
7. Adaptation: methods for preparing adaptation strategies at different scales (from local to national to European)
8. Ecosystem based adaptation
9. Mitigation: mitigation in practice at different scales (Europe, National, Local, businesses)
10. Integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation into decision making; looking into sustainable pathways
11. Adaptation and mitigation into practice


Students fee




Free for 1st year PhD students in the Doctoral programme in Biology (FCUL), Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (UL; UP) and Biology and Ecology of Global Changes (UL, UA); 20 € for PhD students from institutions of the PEERS network (cE3c, CFE); 100 € for FCUL Master students and unemployed; 150 € for BTI, BI and other PhD students; 200 € for Professional and postdocs

How to apply

Candidates should send a short CV and motivation letter to Ângela Antunes (email -