Chorological and taxonomic notes on African plants

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  • Feb, 2016

Sukhorukov, A.P., Martín-Bravo, S., Verloove, F., Maroyi, A,. Iamonico, D., Catarino, L., El Mokni, R., Daniel, T.F., Belyaeva, I.V. & Kushunina, M. (2016) Chorological and taxonomic notes on African plants.

Botany Letters, 163(4), 417-428. DOI:10.1080/23818107.2016.1224731 (IF2015 0,776; Q3 Plant Sciences)

This paper presents notes on new records and the taxonomy of 12 vascular plant species from several continental African countries and Madagascar. Datura wrightii (Solanaceae) is a new species for Africa reported from Morocco. Amaranthus muricatus (Amaranthaceae) is reported for the first time in Tunisia, Barleria oenotheroides(Acanthaceae) – from Central African Republic and Senegal, Burkea africana (Fabaceae) – from Guinea-Bissau, Caylusea abyssinica(Resedaceae) – from Zambia, Digitaria ciliaris (Poaceae) – from Morocco. New data on distribution in Africa is provided for Camptorrhiza strumosa (Colchicaceae) and four Resedaceae taxa: Caylusea hexagynaOchradenus baccatusReseda arabica and Reseda villosa. The taxonomy of the enigmatic Madagascan endemic Mollugo caespitosa (Molluginaceae) is reviewed, and it is synonymized with Mollugo decandra. The lectotypes are designated for both Mollugospecies.


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