Social context of citizen science projects

  • Book Chapters
  • Dec, 2017

Tiago, P. (2017) Social context of citizen science projects. Analyzing the role of citizen science in modern research (ed. by L. Ceccaroni and J. Piera), 168-191. IGI Global. DOI:10.4018/978-1-5225-0962-2.


This chapter provides a brief history of citizen science in our societies, identifies the main stakeholders involved in projects of this topic, and analyzes the main points to take into consideration, from a social perspective, when designing a citizen-science project: communicating; recruiting and motivating participants; fostering innovation, interdisciplinarity and group dynamics; promoting cultural changes, healthy habits, inclusion, awareness and education; and guiding policy goals and decisions. Different governance structures, and a coexistence of different approaches, are analyzed together with how they suit different communities and scientific studies.


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