Concise illustrated dictionary of biocontrol terms

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  • Oct, 2015

Gouli, V., Gouli., S. & Marcelino, J. (Auth.) (2015) Concise illustrated dictionary of biocontrol terms. Academic Press. CA, USA.


The Concise Illustrated Dictionary of Biocontrol Terms includes basic terminology related to the biological control of pests, together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, for expedient comprehension and analysis of present, forecasted or in situ pest management problems. In addition, it also provides the names of the most common pesticides and predators commercially available in different continents (Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa), as well as target pests and diseases of these agents, making it a tangible tool for prompt management actions. The dictionary is copiously illustrated with original pictures clarifying the most commonly used terms and the identity of organisms in biocontrol technology, with content that is both scientifically rigorous and clear.

The biological control of pests using living organisms, or products from their activities, is an independent branch of science based on multiple disciplines including general biology, zoology, entomology, phytopathology, microbiology and others. As a result, the field of biological control has its own specific terminology that needs to be understood and applied correctly across this variety of disciplines, including among those approaching the field from a different area of expertise and who may have difficulty understanding the terms used by experts in the field.

This compact illustrated guide will appeal to the scientific community working in integrated pest management disciplines, as well as those researching, studying, and working with interest in protecting natural resources at a global, local, and individual level, in a variety of locations including the lab, garden, field, or forest.

  • Enables understanding of the terminology used in biological control for professionals, researchers and students in a variety of scientific fields;
  • Features clear images and photographs to help identify insects and pathogens;
  • Ideal for in situ use in both the lab and field pest management protocols.


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