Charcoal value chain in southern Mozambique

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  • Oct, 2015

Baumert, S. & Luz, A.C. (2015) Charcoal value chain in southern Mozambique. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. DOI:10.52 &5/56bae7ce-4798-41a4-b702-2f847952f7ae.

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This dataset contains the transcripts of interviews on the current structure of the main charcoal supply chains from seven villages in the Mabalane district of Gaza province to Maputo, Mozambique. The seven villages were at different stages of the charcoal production process within similar soils, rainfall, and vegetation types. Semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions were conducted with key informants (e.g. village leaders, charcoal producers, wholesalers, truck drivers and forest officers), from May to October 2014. Data were collected as part of a project funded under the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) programme.