SIRCle - Social Innovation for Resilient Communities

  • ERAMUS + KA 2
  • International Research Project
  • 2014 to 2017

The SIRCle Project is designed to create an innovative, open source curriculum that integrates training materials and tools for active citizenship with those for social and holistic entrepreneurship. It will address the needs of adult learners, in particular those living in more disadvantaged areas, who wish to marry their care for the environment with the ability to establish a source of right livelihood. Partners will each host two day-long dissemination events; and run two Pilot trainings of 5 days each for 14-16 participants. Core materials will be translated from English into six other European languages, thus promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in education, training and youth work and supporting the production and adoption of Open Educational Resources in diverse European languages. Innovation lies in the development of a ‘pattern language’ approach where the broad framework of the learning journey and outcomes is outlined, and the detailed content is left to the local trainers to decide on. 

The Project’s Objectives are to:
1. Create a body of Learning Patterns that foster action towards sustainable and resilient development on communal, national, transnational and trans-sector levels.
2. Modify and adapt the Transition to Resilience, Pioneers of Change, PACTE and other relevant curricula into the new SIRCle curriculum.
3. Train a body of 16-18 adult trainers, drawn from Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK to deliver the SIRCle curriculum in their respective countries.
4. Translate learning materials into the relevant languages, and disseminate these materials through running two Pilot Courses in each country.
5. Empower Change Makers in the 6 countries to establish projects geared towards building resilience and establishing sources of right livelihood.

The project uses adult education to address one of the most pressing needs of our time, namely how to marry effective grassroots responses to climate and social change with the capacity to make a sustainable living in a challenging economic climate. Learners will acquire the skills needed to set up and run a social enterprise that contributes to the sustainability of their region. In this way they will be supporting the development of a new economy based on the goods and services needed to deliver a sustainable and resilient future. 


Funding Institution:

ERAMUS + KA 2 - Strategic Partnerships


Coordinator: Findhorn Foundation.

Partners: FFCUL/CCIAM (Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Unversidade de Lisboa); Asociatia Romania in Transizie; Still Consulting Enterprise;  Plenum; Altekio; AEIDL - Association Europeenne pour l’information sur le development local.