eAZFlora - Electronic Flora of the Azores for Smartphones and Tablets

  • PO Azores Project
  • Regional Research Project
  • 2016 to 2019

The 2020 European Strategy and the 2010 proposal of the European Commission for unifying innovation were contextualized for the Azores by the RIS3 strategy. Considering the three priority areas defined for the Azores: i) Agriculture, Livestock and Agroindustry; ii) Fisheries and Sea and iii) Tourism, the eAZFlora project is in line with the European guidelines for innovation and falls unquestionably in the Tourism regional priority area.
The project’s main objectives are:

1) Develop a scientific Flora of the Azores with reviewed and updated taxonomic data;

2) Revise doubtful taxa through morphological and molecular analysis;

3) Develop an electronic database to store the flora contents available through an online interface – eAZFlora website;

4) Develop a program for smartphones and tablets (app) to interact with the Flora database – eAZFlora app.

At the end of the project we expect to have produced scientific content that will feed a customized eAZFlora website and a specifically developed mobile app that will render plant identification accessible to the non‐botanist user, thus increasing the touristic potential of the Azores flora and keynote gardens.

Funding Institution:

PO Azores 2016-2018.


Coordinator: Mónica Maria Tavares de Moura (Universidade dos Açores)

Team: Luís Filipe Dias e Silva (Universidade dos Açores), Maria Teresa Pinheiro de Melo Borges Tiago (Universidade dos Açores) and Rosalina Gabriel, Rui Elias (Universidade dos Açores- GBA – cE3c).

Partners: Bensaúde Turismo Hotels ‐ Parque Terra Nostra, Câmara Municipal de Angra do Heroísmo ‐ Jardim Duque da TerceiraCâmara, Municipal de Ponta Delgada ‐ Jardim António Borges, Fundação do Jardim José do Canto ‐ Jardim Botânico José do Canto & Governo Regional dos Açores ‐ Palácio de Sant’Ana and Jardim Botânico do Faial.