Encontros Scientia

A new approach to Encontros Scientia: facilitate understanding to increase uptake

10 November 2022 . 12h00
Room 2.2.24, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

“Encontro(s) Scientia” have a long-standing tradition in cE3c. Throughout the year, the various cE3c groups are invited to present speakers and themes, whether they are permanent researchers of the groups, PhD students or external collaborators, allowing to cover the various fields of science to which the Centre is dedicated within Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes. The meetings represent a very important opportunity not only for knowledge sharing between cE3c groups and with all the curious people that decide to attend the lectures but also to strengthen internal cohesion and the creation of inter-group collaborations.

Being a model inherited and maintained for several years, it is important to rethink its format so that it continues to promote an adequate engagement that guarantees the fulfilment of its objectives. In this way, the recently remodelled cE3c Communication Office will present guidelines for improving “Encontro(s) Scientia” based both on the model adaptation and form of content exposure during the lectures, for example, by integrating a science communication approach for specialized audiences. It will be a participative moment aligned with a co-creative framework that seeks to accommodate everyone's concerns and expectations while aiming to increase the numbers and diversity of attendees.