II Darwin’s Legacy Tea Party | 18th April 2016 | FCUL


The II Darwin’s Legacy Tea Party, a joint organization of cE3c, APBE (Associação Portuguesa de Biologia Evolutiva) and FCUL, will take place on the 18th April at FCUL (room 8.2.47). It is a multidisciplinar display of Darwin’s scientific legacy, celebrating the gradual change that science undertook throughout time, leading to modern evolutionary questions.

The event, which starts at 2:00pm, will comprise several talks:  

- The construction and persistence of myths regarding Darwin’s life & the history of Darwinism, by Pedro Fonseca (CEIS20)

- The birds and the seeds: how to make species, Darwin-style, by Martim Melo (CiBio)

- Darwin and the barnacles, and the story of the stalked barnacle he didn’t see, by Teresa Cruz (MARE)

- Brontosaurus and Darwin’s pigeons: variability explains it all, by Emanuel Tschopp (FCT)

- Acoustic communication: from the origin of species to the conservation of biodiversity, by Paula Simões (cE3c)

- “Curiously parallel”: storytelling and phylogenetics, by Sara Silva (IELT – FCSH/UNL)

The session ends with a debate panel on the question How to make better science and Science better?, with the participation of Andreia Santos (Psychology), Davide Nunes (Informatic Engineering) and Francisco Pina-Martins (Bioinformatics).

More information available at:

Participation is free upon registration, here: 

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